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Hair'stories' & Testimonies

Stepping forward with the launch of the book's wonderfully designed website. So happy you could join us today. 

Roberto Taurino - Italy - on May 21st 2013

Let me tell you that I really like the quality of this book, from the paper to the way you put photos and stories and wow wow... it's huge!! :D Thank you a lot, I wish the best for its distribution and sharing. 



Just wanted to let you know how much my family loves your book. It sits on our loving room table so our 2 year old can browse and see all the beautiful people. He's pickin out his next hair style. So glad you made this book.

Aarron Walter on March 26th 2013

Hello Michael, just wanted to tell you what a magnificent and gorgeous book this is!! It migrates from my coffee table to the kitchen table!! Thank you for your hard work!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!

Gail Dennis on March 24th 2013

2010 - present

The book arrived on Saturday morning. Thank you for this. It is a truly beautiful celebration and piece of art. As the White father of a 7-year old Black daughter, I cannot express how thrilled I was to see her sit down and devour the photos and quotes in the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thom on Feb 4th 2013

2010 - present

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