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James Brown "Sex Machine" Rome on April 24, 1971

James Brown, Mr. Dynamite himself shows and proves it as he dons an Afro for the first time in 1971 and rips up the stage with his super tight band The JBs performing "Sex Machine" in Italy. 

Max Roach 5tet wt/ Abbey Lincoln - Freedom Day [1964]

The amazingly talented Abbey Lincoln passed away on August 14th 2010. Interestedly I discovered a few years before her passing while reaching the book that Ms. Lincoln was probably the first female artist to wear an Afro, that was in 1964 (see the video below). Afros really didn't become popular in this country until 1968 with just a few people wearing them in '67. This alone tells you how far ahead of her time Abby Lincoln was. As well as being a great jazz singer & songwriter she was also a "notable "Hollywood" actress, appearing in both movies & TV shows. 

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