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I am extremely happy to announce that the "AFROS" exhibition at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA) in Indiana that was originally scheduled to end on June 9th has been extended due to popular demand an additional 7 weeks to August 18! Please read museum's press release below & click on the Facebook page for a peak of the exhibit. Thank you for your involvement with the book.
The success of Michael July's AFROS: A Celebration of Natural Hair has drawn many people to the FWMoA, especially those interested in photography and the trends and movements in contemporary culture that help shape our world. All that and more is exemplified in July's photography exhibit of individuals from all parts of the country who celebrate natural, individual style.
Because of this positive response, FWMoA has extended the exhibition to August 18. Read more about July and his exhibit at FWMoA HERE 
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